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Coming soon to our school is a unique program tailored to young adults who have had "too many birthdays" but would still benefit from meaningful engagement, furthering education, and access to resources. This innovative space will offer three distinctive components: lifelong learning, providing a college-like experience partnered with local campuses, featuring specialized content accessible to all, including students with disabilities; vocational exploration, offering traditional job pathways or customized roles tailored to individual interests, even approaching employers to carve out unique positions; and residential living, potentially housing students in dorm-like settings, fostering an intergenerational community with senior citizens or graduate students. Currently in the inception phase, we're actively engaging stakeholders to understand and cater to the diverse post-transition aspirations of our students. Anyone willing to lend their insights and help shape something truly remarkable can contact Dori, our dedicated program leader, at We welcome feedback and collaboration from the Helix parent community or anyone with relevant experience. Your input is invaluable as we strive to create meaningful pathways for our students beyond their school years. Let's work together to build a brighter future!

Post Transition *Coming Soon*

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