The Helix School nurtures the capabilities of children with autism and autism-like developmental challenges in a dynamic, relationship-based, interdisciplinary educational setting. Our integrated curriculum is tailored to our student’s developmental level, sensory processing differences, and emotional-regulatory needs.  At THS, we emphasize motivation-based, kinesthetic and sensory-based learning. Take a look around and see what makes THS so unique!

We ARE a K-12 Non Public School (NPS)

Our Founder's Story

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Marjorie McMorris was looking for a school for her son. Certainly there are a lot of choices in the Bay Area, but she had something particular in mind, and when she could not find it anywhere in the greater Bay Area, she built it herself.

What Makes THS Truly Unique?

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Many programs call themselves integrated. And they are, to a point.  At The Helix School, we take integration to a whole new level.  And it turns out, a truly integrated curriculum is at the heart of your child's success.

Schedule a Visit

You know what they say, "Seeing IS believing."  Come in and see for yourself what makes The Helix School so special.  You'll get a feel for us and we can have a conversation about wheather or not your child would be a good fit here.