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Anthony Baca

High School B Aide and Coordinator of Student Activities

With a rich tapestry of five years immersed in the autism community, Anthony’s journey has been an evolving commitment to empowerment and growth. Nurturing a passion for making a positive impact, he has delved into various roles, each contributing to a holistic understanding. From private engagements to intimate interactions, Anthony has woven meaningful connections that celebrate neurodiversity. Guiding individuals on their unique paths, he cherished witnessing progress and embracing challenges as catalysts for transformation. As a dedicated job coach, he was a steadfast companion, equipping individuals with tools to conquer professional milestones. His time within school settings has allowed him to foster inclusive environments where each child's brilliance can shine brightly. This journey has also instilled a profound love for his current school, where he continues to thrive. He is fueled by the desire to keep learning, advocating, and contributing to a world that embraces differences and celebrates the extraordinary talents that reside within each individual.

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