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Jason Mountsier

Director of Transition Program and School Counselor

As a California native, Jason has lived in many different areas of the Golden State. He has also lived in Connecticut and Hawaii. Jason went to 10 different schools throughout his elementary and high school years. Growing up, he had several great adult mentors and coaches that supported him through all of these educational and social transitions. He believes that these life experiences have led him to pursue a career in the social sciences. Jason attended CSU Chico, (a beautiful town where his parents still live), and earned a BA in Social Science and a BA in Psychology, including the completion of the Honors Program. A Minor in MultiCultural and Gender Studies rounded out the learning and added a very human part to the experience. Fascinated by the way people work, Jason then completed his Masters in Psychology and earned a PPSC credential allowing him to work in public schools in California. Over 20 years later, Jason has worked in many different areas in the mental health field. Some of these positions include county probation, high school counseling, and K-8 counseling. Jason has enjoyed them all and loves connecting with families and students, collaboratively creating options and better overall health. He is proud and excited to now work at The Helix School. Truly a place that puts the betterment of their students and families first, a teaching team that exudes love and excellence and clinical staff members that hold every student in the highest regard. There is a real and vibrant beauty at Helix that motivates him everyday.

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