How it All Began

Helix School Parent, Founder and Board Chair, Marjorie McMorris brought together educators, entrepreneurs and therapists whose expertise spans different areas, but who share the same vision: to change the educational system for children with autism. In 2014, The Helix School opened its doors to children who needed the daily support of a relationship-based interdisciplinary academic education with regular OT, speech and emotional based therapeutic interventions. Ms. McMorris has created an learning institution that looks at best practices and the latest research to ensure that students are receiving only the highest quality education and therapies, everyday.

As a parent of a child with autism, the McMorrises truly understand the challenges that both children and parents face. Parents want to give everything they possibly can to their children to allow them to lead fulfilling, connected and productive lives. The Helix School was built on this premise and continues to grow and offer children on the autism spectrum a chance: A chance to advocate for themselves, grow comfortable in their bodies, learn not only academics, but about the world and all the connectivity that comes from understanding relationships and to experience the joy of learning to share their particular passions with the others.

Ms. McMorris has a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development from Spelman College. She is trained in TEACCH Autism Program and Kimochis: Social and Emotional Learning. She is also level 1 certified in Pivotal Response Training.