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At The Helix School, learning is a journey that extends beyond the classroom! We offer a vibrant array of after-school activities and engaging vacation camps. From arts to sports, we're dedicated to fostering each child's unique potential in a supportive and inclusive environment. Join us in creating memorable learning experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

Education extends beyond regular school hours at The Helix School as we offer a diverse range of engaging courses designed to inspire curiosity and foster academic growth. Whether it's exploring new subjects, honing specialized skills, or delving into creative pursuits, our after-school classes provide an enriching extension to the traditional school day. Each session runs for 6 weeks and can be joined the whole time or by individual day.

Students rock climbing


From lively games to team sports, our class offers a variety of activities to keep children moving and having a blast.



Immerse your child in the art of photography, where they'll explore various techniques, angles, and styles. From capturing portraits to discovering the beauty of the world around them, our class promises a creative adventure.

Cooking a pie


Your child will experience a personalized culinary journey with expert guidance. Each cooking session is not only enjoyable but also conducted with utmost care.

Archery activity


Calling young archers! Expert guidance, safety-first, and loads of fun! Learn skills, focus, and teamwork in a safe, fun setting.

Art class


Dive into a world of artistic possibilities! Our program offers diverse activities, encouraging children to explore various forms of creative expression.

3D Model


Join our LEGO classes for a world of creativity and fun. Unleash imagination, teamwork, and endless brick-building joy. Dive into the colorful world of LEGO - where every creation tells a story.

FIELD DAY_23JUN20_1247_edited.png

Summer Break Camps (Starting July 15)

These camps are crafted to ignite your child's sense of adventure and foster meaningful connections. Join us for a summer packed with thrilling activities, skill-building, and the joy of exploration.

Helix Prom (June 1st, 2024) 

Get ready to don your finest attire and dance the night away at The Helix Prom! This highly anticipated event is an evening of glamor, celebration, and unforgettable memories, carefully curated by our dedicated team. We invite all students 15 and up to join us for a night of elegance, joy, and camaraderie.

Student dancing at Spring Fling
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