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Our School

The Helix School is a non public school devoted to nurturing the capabilities of neurodivergent children - specializing in autistic children and related developmental challenges.

The Helix School building

Our foundation is rooted in strong relationships, fostering a responsive and empowering environment for the whole child. We strike a careful balance between academic and social-emotional growth, promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration. Guided by a growth mindset, our highly-trained staff recognizes and builds upon the strengths of students, families, and educators. Our modest size enables us to forge meaningful connections and learn about each student individually. We value the voices of our students and parents, considering them crucial in our decision-making processes.  Grounded in the latest research and best practices, we empower students to advocate for themselves, leading to an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Our Mission 

Executive Director, Deanna, giving a presentation.

Guiding Autistic Children to Lead Fulfilling and Connected Lives.

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