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Marjorie McMorris

Founder and Board Chair

Marjorie provides the foundation, cohesive vision, and oversight for The Helix School. Her passion for helping children with ASD has truly been represented in the one-of-a-kind school that she has created. When founding The Helix School, Marjorie brought together a wide variety of well-respected, highly sought-after individuals who specialize in different areas, but all of whom share the same vision: to change the educational system for kids with learning differences. She has gone above and beyond to provide an environment that looks at best practices, and surpasses the expectations tenfold.

As a parent of a child with ASD, Marjorie truly understands the challenges that both children and parents face. Parents want to give everything they possibly can to their children to allow them to have the most successful lives possible. Marjorie continuously devotes her time pursuing cutting-edge research, but does not stop there; she then does everything she can to implement these strategies. In addition, she knows that all children, especially children with ASD, do not learn the same way. Therefore, Marjorie knew an individualized curriculum and one-on-one attention would utilize every moment of a child’s day. She saw how important this was early on with her child. The Helix School is designed to give her son the best education possible, which is what she does for every child that attends The Helix School.

Marjorie has a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development from Spelman College. She is trained in TEACCH Autism Program and Kimochis: Social and Emotional Learning. She is also level 1 certified in Pivotal Response Training. Prior to founding The Helix School, Marjorie was Vice President of Human Resources at Goldman Sachs in New York.

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